Paramagnetic Cinderite is a foamed volcanic stone that is mined from an inactive volcano in the beautiful state of Utah. This Volcanic source of paramagnetic Cinderite consists of one of the highest calculated readings of C.G.S., the method of measurement for paramagnetism or the susceptibility of resonating material toward the magnetic field, anywhere in the North American Continent.

Think of Paramagnetic Cinderite, with its optimal silica content, as the conduit that transmits the subtle energies and minerals used in enzymatic processes.  The Biochemical catalysts and micro-organisms in life, are still in many ways difficult to comprehend and interpret. Minerals act as co factors encompassing the multitude of enzymatic activities, and if not available, the entire metabolic process breaks down, resulting in a harvest with inadequate supply of vitamins, phytochemicals, enzymes and minerals.

Paramagnetic Cinderite is the “catalyst” of the soil, as it intensifies plant vitality and optimizes the immune system. This is accomplished through what has been referred to as “Solid State Doping”, or implementing Paramagnetic Cinderite into your diamagnetic soil. By raising the C.G.S. of your medium, it will now attract the subtle frequencies that boost your crops ability to thrive in a balanced or flow state, hence soil alchemy.