Rapid Growth at the New Mexico Vineyard using Cinderite

Rapid Growth at the New Mexico Vineyard using Cinderite


Cinderite was applied to ROW A but NOT to ROW B!

Cinderite was applied on June 1st, 2019 on Row A

No Cinderite was applied on Row B

These Grape Vines are approx. 1 year old.

On both Row’s A and B…. Vines were placed approx. every 2 ft. for a total 50 Ft in length on both rows .

On Row A… Cinderite was applied at the bottom of an 8” trench that was dug on both sides of the

Vines. 2” inches of Cinderite was placed at the bottom of the trench on both sides.

On Row B… Cinderite was Not applied…

Trenches were dug at the “drip line” running along the entire 50ft. approx. 10” from the base of the

vine on both sides.

The amount of water used was the same for both rows A and B. Water was distributed through

underground drip system, Irrigation flooding was performed once during the month.

No Fertilizer or Nitrogen was used on either Row. The plants were chosen at Random and are exactly the

same plants, and exactly the same distance across from one another.

The test Vines in the photos show the dramatic difference between Row A (WITH Cinderite) and Row B

(WITHOUT Cinderite.) These photos were taken on 7/1/19 approx 30 days AFTER adding Cinderite.

Additional information and photos of this grow will be given in 30 days on August 1, 2019.

Data that will be taken now and over the next 30 days is as follows:

1. Every 12 inches will be measured to calculate amount of growth and each vine Plant from Row

A and plant from Row B.

2. All clusters of grapes will be counted and weighed.

3. In both Rows, vines will be pulled up and roots will be measured for length and circumference .

4. Reduction or non-use of any additional fertilizers or Nitrogen in future grows.

We will post this additional info on this particular grow and others, showing customers how to “Grow it Right…With Cinderite”