Top Dressing is a great option when you have already planted or if your application is for mature trees and crops.

Cinderite products, ParaLite and ParaBlend have the ability to be a wonderful top dressing above your soil or medium of choice. They both help with the ceasing the growth of fungus and or algae, a pest deterrent, and of course sustains the paramagnetic benefits.

Apply: Cinderite ParaLite or ParaBlend to your grow no matter what time of year.

Benefits include:

  • Better water distribution

  • Higher water retention

  • Eliminates the growth of fungus and or algae

  • Pest deterrent

  • Sustains paramagnetic benefits

A 1" to 2" layer of Cinderite is suggested to achieve optimal results.

Grow it Right..With Cinderite..!